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Property Brothers’ Jonathan Silver Scott Took This Illusion Too Far

Most people know Jonathan Silver Scott as one half of “The Property Brothers,” but not as many know he has experience on stage as an award-winning illusionist and magician. But there is one illusion he has created that he has pushed too far-- his relationship with Jacinta Kuznetsov. His integrity is called into question, as there are two versions of his relationship with Jacinta: one that Jonathan pushes to the public, and one that the facts confirm.

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Adhar Card Bank Account Update HDFC Email Format

IMPORTANT! Govt. Mandate. Link your Aadhaar to bank A/c now.
Inbox x Tushar Nigam<>Unsubscribe12:08 AM (20 minutes ago) to me

Shopify Partner Updates Email Format

Hey John, Today, we’re launching the Shopify Partner Program 2.0 — a reimagined partner program that prioritizes long-term investment back into you, our partners. Not only have we launched a new look and feel to the program (which will roll out later this week), we’re also introducing new features, and doubling down on providing you all the tools, resources, care, and support you need on your journey to success. If your goal is to start or expand your business, enhance the quality of your clients, or simply make more money, we’re here to help you get there. Here are the most important things you need to know: Improved 24/7 Priority Partner Support Instead of a Partner Manager, you’ll now work closely with our specially trained, 24/7 Priority Partner Support team to troubleshoot any questions you may have. As a Shopify Partner, you’ll be bumped to the top of the queue whenever you reach out to support. Here’s how to get in touch with our Priority Partner Support: ·Help…

Cross Promotional Partnership Proposal Email Format

Hello Mr. Name,
It was great talking to you about Cross Promotional Activities with ABC Company. As discussed here is the proposal Exclusively for ABC Company Customers.

1. Free Laundry Up to Rs 400 - Only in Koramangala, Bangalore.
2. Free Doorstep Carwash - Marathalli,Whitefield, Indiranagar, CV Raman  Nagar, Bellandur, HAL, Kundalahalli, Domlur, Ulsoor, Koramangala, Bangalore.
3. Free Consultation on Electrician, Carpenter, Plumber, Appliance Repair, and Painting - Pan Bangalore.
We would give out Vouchers for customers where we will include ABC Company in the header and will also mention the offer is exclusive for ABC Company customers.
This could be a mutually beneficial campaign for both of us. However if you need anything else we could sit down for a round of meeting in discussing what else we could do for each other.   

Many thanks for reading my email. I look forward to hear from you soon as to how you would like to take this forward. 
Kind regards,
Manoj Business Development Manager

Email Format To Promote Coupon Site Big Offer Campaigns

Hi Team,
YourCouponSite is India's Largest Online Shopping Community, and we have always been at the forefront for sharing the best deals and offers with our consumers, and helping merchants grow closer to consumers and drive incremental sales.
YourCouponSite now brings a global shopping festival tradition to India – OFFER CAMPAIGN NAME, where top merchants share exclusive deals and coupons, with our consumers. The festival begins on the 27th of November and culminates on the 30th of November.

OFFER CAMPAIGN NAME is a global shopping festival, which originated in the United States and other parts of the world where stores share offers for their consumers before the festive season of Christmas. 

OFFER CAMPAIGN NAME 2 is where the biggest online stores globally share some of the best offers with consumers and this marks the end of the Thanksgiving festivities and the start of the holiday season in the US.

Value Proposition:  ·High Conversions ·Targeted Audience ·Wider Reach of Users ·Dedicat…

Email Format to Promote Online Classified Business

Writing an effective Email to promote Online Classified Business

Dear Customer,
We thank you for your interest in partnering withYourCompany and with reference to the same please find below some key points,

   YourCompany today is among the top websites in India currently ranked 586 in India, as per

    It has more monthly visitors better than Justdial, Olx, Magic bricks, Sulekha, etc.

    80% people in key cities are aware of YourCompany*

    30 million visitors every month

    3 million Visitors from Bangalore per month.

    In over 500 cities in India

    Over 25 lakhs ads across 167 categories

    Strong foundation with companies likePartnerCompany1 and PartnerCompany2 partnering with us along with and invested in by Investors1 Partners India, Investors2 Partners, & Investors3 Networks.

The future of India is online

    India has over 88mn internet and 35 MN mobile internet users

    Top 10 cities account for more than 37% of this base

    Bangalore alone has nearly 3 million inte…

How to write personalized email to promote Youtube Videos

Hey! I hope you are enjoying your beautiful Sunday. However, what if I make your Sunday even better?  Yes, I can do that by trying to fuel your Sunday with some great advice that I have learned in my entrepreneurial life.  Words in the form of quotes can provide advice worth millions of dollars when it comes to the leading minds of the world. This era has produced some of the best minds in the world, especially, some of the best tech minds. These tech entrepreneurs have made products that have made an impact in our daily life. In this latest video of mine, I will share with you some of the wisdom which has been crucial and extremely beneficial for me in my entrepreneurial journey. If you’ve been keeping up with my video series on Startups and Entrepreneurship, you know that generally, I give advice on my own experiences and anecdotes. In this video, I will mix things up by giving you the best advice I have received from some of my favorite entrepreneurs. I will share with you quotes from some …